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Why trust is essential not only in times of crisis

42/2022, 02.11.2022

The German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) invites you to the 2nd BfR Knowledge Dialogue on November 8, 2022, with the main topic "Trust".

War, climate change and a global pandemic - especially in times of crisis, it is not always easy to have trust. What does trust actually mean? A notion that is difficult to grasp, but nevertheless influences our entire social interaction. Why trust is indispensable - not only in science - is the focus of the 2nd BfR Knowledge Dialogue. "Our task as scientists is to inform the public about health risks," says Professor Dr Dr Andreas Hensel. "But if we are not credible, our messages will not be heard. Acceptance starts with trust."

How high is the level of trust in science in Germany? What are the conditions for critical trust? And what about trust in the digital economy? The experts Prof. Dr. Timm Teubner, Prof. Dr. Michael Siegrist, Ricarda Ziegler and Prof. Dr. Lisbet Fjæran will address these questions on November 8 at the Magnus-Haus Berlin.

During the subsequent panel discussion, questions from the audience will be answered.Following the event, there will be an opportunity to get to know other participants and exchange ideas. The complete programme can be found on the webpage of the BfR Academy:

Registration is open until November 6, 2022 at this link:

The 2nd BfR Knowledge Dialogue is part of Berlin Science Week 2022. Further information regarding the Berlin Science Week can be found here:

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