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FENS Satellite-Event: How reproducible are your data?


The way out of the reproducibility crisis in neuroscience

The recurrent discussion on a reproducibility crisis has a strong impact on the neuroscientific research community. Scientists have to react in order to restore confidence in basic and translational research. However, which measures are the most effective to insure the robustness of published data is still a lively debate.

In this symposium the reasons underlying the reproducibility crisis but especially potential solutions will be presented. The influence of confirmatory replication studies, preprint publishing or study preregistration will be discussed. This meeting aims to show practical recommendations for neuroscientists to achieve high data quality and adopt best report practices but also reflect the role of other actors in neuroscience as scientific journals and funding organisations. We will bring together international experts from different fields of neuroscience reaching from human neuroimaging to behavioural animal research. Speakers will present their perspective as scientists, editors or member of funding organisations.

German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR)
BIH QUEST CENTER for Transforming Biomedical Research



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