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Events Archive 2023


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15.12.2023 BfR-Stakeholder Forum: unused laboratory animals - "surplus" or necessity?
05.12.2023 Bf3R Seminar with Professor Dr David Owald: The model system Drosophila - towards understanding neural principles underlying sleep and memory
09.11.2023 10.11.2023 International Conference on Using Epidemiological Studies in Health Risk Assessments: Relevance, Reliability and Causality
15.11.2023 14th BfR User Conference Product Notifications
23.11.2023 Authentication of allergenic ingredients, animal species and tissues in food and feed
27.11.2023 42nd animal protection research prize
09.10.2023 Bf3R Seminar with Professor Michael Sigal: Increasing complexity to model tissues ex vivo- assembloids to study colon tissue organization
10.10.2023 Communication in the Pandemic: Meet the Scientists
13.09.2023 14.09.2023 Workshop on Sensory Evaluation of Food Contact Materials
05.09.2023 Communication in the Pandemic: Meet the Journalist
24.07.2023 Bf3R Seminar with Professor Georgia Mason: Can understanding animal welfare help improve the replicability and translatability of biomedical research?
01.06.2023 02.06.2023 4th Zoom on Griffith's legacy
15.05.2023 BfR stakeholder workshop "Child accident prevention in the digital age: from face-to-face to mobile health"
09.05.2023 Information event of BfR and the National Contact Point Bioeconomy and Environment on EU funding opportunities under Horizon Europe
19.04.2023 21.04.2023 Forum for the Public Health Service 2023
28.03.2023 30.03.2023 Workshop Sensory Analysis of Consumer Products
24.03.2023 ∆(Statistics + Environmental Policy): Informing environmental policy decisions with reliable data and efficient statistical methods
14.03.2023 16.03.2023 International Conference on GMO Analysis and New Genomic Techniques
22.02.2023 24.02.2023 Joint meeting of the BfR and the Ethological Society
28.02.2023 01.03.2023 23rd Symposium on Meat- and Poultryhygiene
20.01.2023 29.01.2023 BfR MEAL Study - The BfR at International Green Week 2023


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