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Events Archive 2019


Start End Title
22.01.2019 BfR-Forum Microplastics
12.08.2019 23.08.2019 8th BfR-Summer Academy 2019
18.01.2019 27.01.2019 Nutrient supply? Plate rather than pill! - The BfR at the International Green Week 2019
09.04.2019 10.04.2019 3rd Joint Symposium on Nanotechnology
23.01.2019 Workshop on Science, Communication and Society
26.03.2019 28.03.2019 Foodborne pathogens and whole genome sequencing: impact on public health protection
21.02.2019 22.02.2019 International Conference on Uncertainty in Risk Analysis - Challenges and Advances in Assessing, Managing and Communicating Uncertainty
05.03.2019 06.03.2019 19th Symposium on Meat- and Poultryhygiene
05.03.2019 06.03.2019 Workshop Sensory Analysis of Consumer Products
25.03.2019 27.03.2019 BfR Academy Training School: Transfer of substances along the food chain for experts - part 1
10.04.2019 12.04.2019 Further training event for the public health service 2019
13.06.2019 14.06.2019 19th BfR Consumer Protection Forum: Generation 65+
06.06.2019 07.06.2019 18th BfR Consumer Protection Forum: Microplastics
13.06.2019 EsRAM closing symposium
17.06.2019 18.06.2019 Symposium Microbiological NRL
20.09.2019 Symposium - Research Funding in the area of 3R (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement)
24.09.2019 Final symposium "PIMONT"
11.09.2019 Funding opportunities for third party projects - introduction of national and European funding programmes
19.09.2019 BfR-Symposium "Benchmarks in consumer health protection"
09.08.2019 13.09.2019 The BfR-Eiland - the fourth interactive plant labyrinth of the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment on the topic of eggs and chickens
27.08.2019 29.08.2019 Building-up a Regional Approach: Latin American Risk Assessment Symposium on Food Safety Montevideo, Uruguay
10.09.2019 11.09.2019 Workshop Sensory Analysis of Consumer Products
30.09.2019 Closing event of the BfR consumer conference Genome Editing
07.10.2019 09.10.2019 BfR Academy Training School for experts: Transfer of substances along the food chain - part 2
23.10.2019 38th animal protection research prize


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