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Events Archive 2019


Start End Title
23.10.2019 38th animal protection research prize
07.10.2019 09.10.2019 BfR Academy Training School for experts: Transfer of substances along the food chain - part 2
30.09.2019 Closing event of the BfR consumer conference Genome Editing
10.09.2019 11.09.2019 Workshop Sensory Analysis of Consumer Products
27.08.2019 29.08.2019 Building-up a Regional Approach: Latin American Risk Assessment Symposium on Food Safety Montevideo, Uruguay
09.08.2019 13.09.2019 The BfR-Eiland - the fourth interactive plant labyrinth of the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment on the topic of eggs and chickens
11.09.2019 Funding opportunities for third party projects - introduction of national and European funding programmes
19.09.2019 BfR-Symposium "Benchmarks in consumer health protection"
24.09.2019 Final symposium "PIMONT"
20.09.2019 Symposium - Research Funding in the area of 3R (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement)
17.06.2019 18.06.2019 Symposium Microbiological NRL
13.06.2019 EsRAM closing symposium
06.06.2019 07.06.2019 18th BfR Consumer Protection Forum: Microplastics
13.06.2019 14.06.2019 19th BfR Consumer Protection Forum: Generation 65+
10.04.2019 12.04.2019 Further training event for the public health service 2019
25.03.2019 27.03.2019 BfR Academy Training School: Transfer of substances along the food chain for experts - part 1
05.03.2019 06.03.2019 Workshop Sensory Analysis of Consumer Products
05.03.2019 06.03.2019 19th Symposium on Meat- and Poultryhygiene
21.02.2019 22.02.2019 International Conference on Uncertainty in Risk Analysis - Challenges and Advances in Assessing, Managing and Communicating Uncertainty
26.03.2019 28.03.2019 Foodborne pathogens and whole genome sequencing: impact on public health protection
23.01.2019 Workshop on Science, Communication and Society
09.04.2019 10.04.2019 3rd Joint Symposium on Nanotechnology
18.01.2019 27.01.2019 Nutrient supply? Plate rather than pill! - The BfR at the International Green Week 2019
12.08.2019 23.08.2019 8th BfR-Summer Academy 2019
22.01.2019 BfR-Forum Microplastics


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