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Events Archive 2018


Start End Title
25.06.2018 06.07.2018 7th BfR-Summer Academy 2018
19.01.2018 28.01.2018 How to handle germs, viruses and parasites - the BfR at the International Green Week 2018
24.01.2018 Common mistakes in TV-cooking shows
06.03.2018 07.03.2018 18th Symposium on Meat- and Poultryhygiene
11.04.2018 13.04.2018 Further training event for the public health service 2018
17.04.2018 Bf3R Seminar with Professor Malcolm Macleod
06.07.2018 FENS Satellite-Event: How reproducible are your data?
23.08.2018 24.08.2018 REACH Compliance - A workshop on data quality in registration dossiers
13.09.2018 14.09.2018 9th Berlin Workshop on Developmental Toxicology
11.10.2018 37th animal protection research prize
16.10.2018 Symposium: Reduction of salmonella entry by slaughter pigs into the food chain
16.10.2018 BfR-Symposium: "50 years of the Cosmetics Commission: Science in the service of consumer protection"
25.10.2018 26.10.2018 BfR Workshop Assessment of residues and contaminants in processed food and feed
07.11.2018 4th BfR-Symposium "Food-associated Viruses"
08.11.2018 Avoid animal experiments: Berlin - capital of the 3R
08.11.2018 09.11.2018 BfR-Symposium "Antimicrobial resistance in the food chain"
15.11.2018 7th BfR stakeholder conference: "Is it fake? Science in the age of multiple truths"
19.11.2018 9th BfR User Conference Product Notifications
11.03.2018 15.03.2019 International Training for Safer Food 2019


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