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3rd BfR Science Slam


Science is dry and difficult to understand? Not with us!

At the 3rd BfR Science Slam the motto is: Science = pure entertainment

In just a few minutes, BfR scientists present their research on consumer health protection in a way that is both informative and easy to understand, using humour and wit.

Everything is allowed!

Above all, you, the audience, must be inspired - because you decide who wins by your applause.

The 3rd BfR Science Slam will take place on 05.12.2022 at the Heimathafen Neukölln. Dr. Mark Benecke will be the moderator again this year.

If you want to get in the mood for the evening or get an idea of the event, you can find all the videos of the last two editions of the BfR Science Slam on our YouTube channel (German only):‌

Trailer - Highlights

5 slammers, 2 presenters, 350 visitors: Whether bacteria in flour, dioxins in cows or fish poisoning - the topics were exciting and the slammers made the audience laugh. The event was moderated by the forensic biologist and author Dr. Mark Benecke with the support of Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Luch, Head of the BfR's Department of Chemical and Product Safety.

Christopher Loeffler - Ciguatera poisoning: a fishy food chain
Christopher Loeffler's lecture "Ciguatera poisoning: a fishy food chain" first entices with the beautiful picture of a dream beach - then it becomes clear what this view has to do with ciguatera fish poisoning. Christoper Loeffler shows how even the smallest changes in coral reefs affect the food chain - all the way to humans, who are also part of it by eating fish. But: If you eat fish, you don't immediately get ciguatera poisoning. In Christopher Loeffler's lecture, you will learn what to watch out for and how exactly ciguatera develops.
Anja Beterams - How do we make chicken as a food safer?
"How do we make chicken as a food safer?” - this is what Anja Beterams deals with. She made the audience laugh with her talk, peppered with anecdotes from her childhood and funny photos, which did not spare her colleagues either. In Anja Beterams' talk, you can find out what the journey of a broiler looks like and how long these animals live.
André Göhler - Some like it dry
In his lecture "Some like it dry" André Göhler explains why it is better not to snack on raw dough. Because undesirable bacteria, such as the EHEC bacteria (Escherichia coli), can be found in flour. But it's not quite that simple, because not all E.coli is the same. André Göhler explains the difference in his lecture.
Kiara Aiello-Holden - PARC: European Partnership for the Assessment of Risks from Chemicals
What is the result when 200 institutions from 28 countries and three EU agencies join forces? In her lecture, Kiara Aiello-Holden presents the European research partnership PARC - "European Partnership for the Assessment of Risks from Chemicals" - which was launched in May 2022. The aim is to improve knowledge about chemical substances in order to better protect human health and the environment. 
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Date Title Size
Präsentation Christopher Loeffler, BfR
Ciguatera Poisoning: A Fishy Food Chain 3.6 MB
Präsentation Anja Beterams, BfR
Der Weg des Broilers 3.5 MB
Präsentation Kiara Aiello Holden, BfR
European Partnership for the Assessment of Risk from Chemicals 1.4 MB
Präsentation André Göhler, BfR
Manche mögens trocken 6.0 MB


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