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9th BfR-Summer Academy 2021 - Lecture Series

(16.08.2021 - 27.08.2021)

Welcome to the 9th BfR-Summer Academy on Risk Assessment and Risk Communication in the area of Food Safety!

The '9th BfR-Summer Academy 2021 - Lecture Series' will be conducted by highly qualified and experienced BfR-scientists as well as external experts with profound and long standing experience in the assessment of chemical or microbial risks. The course is intended for members of staff of public organisations engaged in food and feed safety, who already have experience in risk assessment analysis. The participants will gain deeper understanding in risk assessment analysis and in risk communication measures. Consequently this BfR-Summer Academy is from professionals to professionals.

The first BfR-Summer Academy was held in 2012. In the last nine years more than 250 participants from over 50 different countries took part in this professional training. The BfR-Summer Academy will be open to participants from public institutes engaged in risk assessment of food and feed.

The '9th BfR-Summer Academy 2021 - Lecture Series' will be held online. The participation is free of charge.

Due to the internationality and the different time zones in which the participants are located, the lecture series will be held twice:

  • August 16 to 20, 2021; 6:30–11:00 UTC each day (Eastern time zones)
  • August 23 to 27, 2021; 11:30–16:00 UTC each day (Western time zones)

In both weeks, the same lectures will be given.

Are you interested in participating? Then please submit your application via the online form of the BfR Academy by 18 July 2021.

Please find more information about the 9th BfR-Summer Academy 2021 on the website of the BfR Academy:

If you have any questions regarding the 9th BfR-Summer Academy, please contact the BfR-Summer Academy Team:



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