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The cooperation agreement between BfR and the Lithuanian National Food and Veterinary Risk Assessment Institute (NFVRAI) renewed

On 24 September 2013 the Director of the Lithuanian National Food and Veterinary Risk Assessment Institute (NFVRAI), Dr. Gediminas Pridotkas, and the President of the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), Professor Dr. Dr. Andreas Hensel, renewed the cooperation agreement.

NFVRAI carries out research and thereby cooperates with several scientific institutions, reference laboratories and other organisations. The close collaboration with the BfR is financially supported by EU Twinning program.

In October 2008 the NFVRAI and BfR signed the initial cooperation agreement. This agreement was renewed in September 2013. The agreement is based on the mutual interest of promoting scientific and technical cooperation. This is carried out through common research activities, collaborative programs, training courses, and study visits. The goal is to establish mechanisms for the exchange of knowledge in the field of food safety and risk assessment. The collaboration between reference laboratories, scientific units and experts through joint seminars, workshops, and other relevant activities is designed to disseminate scientific knowledge both to the scientific community and to the public.

The NFVRAI and BfR alternatively host annual meetings to review the status of joint activities and to discuss specific as well as prospective issues.

The photo shows the Director of NFVRAI, Dr. Gediminas Pridotkas, and the BfR President Professor Dr. Dr. Andreas Hensel signing the cooperation agreement in September 2013.


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