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BfR2GO, Issue 1/2020, Key Topic: E-cigarettes

Release date 29.06.2020


Title E-Paper PDF
SPECIAL: Hunting the invisible - SARS-CoV-2 & others page 6
333.7 KB
Main topic: Mysterious vapour - health risks of e-cigarettes page 10
579.8 KB
Interview with Dr. Elke Pieper: "Young people are experimenting with e-cigarettes" page 16
303.8 KB
Consumer conference: What does the population think about genome editing? page 18
389.2 KB
Guest article Professor Dr. Danielle Timmermans about "Intuitive safety" page 22
280.9 KB
Portrait of Professor Dr. Tanja Schwerdtle, new Vice President of the BfR page 24
244.7 KB
Toxic fish: poisonings by ciguatoxin page 26
838.7 KB
Bacteriophages: Old masters recovered page 30
271.4 KB
Food supplements work like drugs page 32
173.4 KB
Spectrum: Food safety page 33
197.0 KB
Raw is risky - health risks of raw milk page 34
385.2 KB
Organic pesticides: Portrait of Bacillus thuringiensis page 36
384.5 KB
Spectrum: Safety of products and chemicals page 39
180.6 KB
Interview with Dr. Roland Solecki "Our food has definitely become safer" page 40
275.4 KB
Research on biorhythm of cells page 42
241.4 KB
Pain perception of Zebrafish page 44
328.5 KB
Spectrum: Protection of laboratory animals page 47
158.8 KB
Inside the institute page 48
228.5 KB


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