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Exposure assessment for textiles, toys and non-textile care items

BfR carries out research in the field of exposure through textiles, toys and non-textile care articles. In a project sponsored by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission, data are to be sourced and processed.

In order to depict as wide a range of information as possible, a first step involves identifying all the partners who deal with products and product safety. Besides public agencies, these stakeholders include product manufacturers, research institutes, non-governmental organisations and consumer associations. A second step involves a comprehensive literature search including "grey" literature. The scenarios, models and data used for the exposure assessment are evaluated and processed for documentation in the European database EIS-Chemrisks. The goal of the project is to highlight existing gaps in data and define a further need for research on the basis of the data collected.

Research areas

  • Development of methods to measure substances in the above-mentioned products
  • Collection of information on levels of substances
  • Design and conduct of studies in which migration data (release) on substances are examined in the above-mentioned products
  • Model estimates of migration and exposure
  • Evaluation of model estimates (does the estimate concur with the measured result?)
  • Presentation of specificities of exposure through the use of certain products
  • Development of proposals for standards and quality criteria
  • Conduct of an extensive literature search in which "grey" literature is also combed for useful data. This information is then evaluated and entered in the database.
  • Intensification of co-operation on the European level and promotion of a stakeholder dialogue. The JRC responsible for setting up the database organises workshops and conferences to promote this dialogue.


Our Mission Statement

"Science to serve humanity" is the guiding principle of BfR.