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Exposure assessment for chemicals and product safety

The main reason for the uncertainty surrounding exposure assessment in the consumer area is the lack of suitable representative and transparent data for model-based estimates. The research projects seeking to collect data on exposure assessment in the field of chemicals and product safety aim to improve the data situation in this area. BfR is pursuing a strategy on several levels.

Some research activities aim to identify in pilot projects the main focus of more comprehensive studies:

  • Surveys on consumer behaviour when handling household products

    One main area which has already been the subject of several studies is consumer behaviour when handling household products. Similar to the nutrition studies consumers are asked about their daily habits. Survey strategies are developed for this.

  • Development of a database on exposure assessment

    Co-operation on the national and international level aims to improve the repertoire of exposure assessments. In co-operation with the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission, BfR is involved in developing a database for exposure data, exposure scenarios and the general information needed for exposure assessments. The goal of this programme is to improve the data situation in the field of selected products in cooperation with various national co-operation partners (so-called stakeholders).

    Besides public agencies, its co-operation partners include research institutes, manufacturers of substances and products as well as institutions which look at questions of product safety. The information is then to be drawn together in a common dialogue (stakeholder dialogue) for the database.

    There are plans for similar projects in other areas of exposure assessment, for instance collecting data as the basis for the assessment of substances in packaging materials for foods.


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