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BfR Committee for Exposure Assessment and Exposure Standardisation*

The BfR Committee for Exposure Assessment and Exposure Standardisation supports BfR in assessing consumer exposure on a consistently high scientific level. Data on consumer exposure is the foundation for the assessment of consumer health risks. This is because exposure assessments are needed in all areas of risk assessment like, for instance, chemical assessment (REACH), pesticide approval, biocide assessment, product and food safety as well as microbial risk assessment.

Tasks of the BfR Committee

The Committee supports BfR in establishing standards for exposure assessment as well as for the characterization of (standard) exposure scenarios, the development of suitable models of exposure and the selection of model parameters (exposure data or exposure factors). In this work, special emphasis is placed on the importance of modern procedures for exposure assessment like probability estimation including sensitivity and uncertainty analysis.

Members of the BfR Committee

Experts from universities, Land control bodies, federal research agencies and industry were appointed as members of the BfR Committee for Exposure Assessment and Exposure Standardisation.

*In 2018 the BfR Committee for Exposure Assessment and Exposure Standardisation merged to the BfR Committee for Evidence-Based Methods in Risk Assessment



Date Title Size
Recommendation of the BfR Commissions on Exposure Estimation and Standardisation (2008 - 2017) and Evidence-based Methods in Risk Assessment (since 2018) of the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment
Guidance on Uncertainty Analysis in Exposure Assessment 300.5 KB


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