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BfR Commission for Consumer Products

The BfR Commission responsible for advising on the assessment of the safety of consumer products covers a wide range of very different products. Consumer products comprise articles designed to come into contact with food, for example, kitchen utensils or packaging materials. They also include utensils, which come into contact with mucous membranes, like cutlery or toothbrushes as well as other items like cosmetic packaging, bodycare products, toys, joke articles and numerous other products listed in §2 (6) of the German Food and Feed Code (LFGB). The Commission will also consider questions about other consumer products, like furniture, mattresses, carpets and hobby products. The Commission is in this respect focusing on health risks of substances in consumer articles.

Tasks of the BfR Commission

In the areas mentioned, the BfR Commission for Consumer Products assists BfR in its task of advising the competent ministry. This work encompasses substances and toxicological issues as well as issues relating to the regulatory plans of the European Union or the Council of Europe.

Another very important task of the Commission entails examining and providing expert advice on applications for the inclusion of substances in the BfR Recommendations on Food Contact Materials.

Members of the BfR Commission

Experts from universities, trade associations, consumer protection associations, Land control bodies and private laboratories are appointed as members of the BfR Commission for Consumer Products.


As consumer products cover a wide spectrum specific questions are discussed in several panels. In addition to the respective Commission members external experts join the panels to assemble the best expertise. The Commission has the following panels:

  • ad hoc Panel "Analysis"
  • ad hoc Panel "Artificial Casings“
  • Panel "Petitions"
  • ad hoc Panel "Rubber"
  • Panel "Paper"
  • Panel "Toys"
  • Panel "Textiles und Leather"
  • Panel "Toxikology"


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