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BfR Committee for Biological Hazards and Hygiene*

The BfR Committee for Biological Hazards and Hygiene is an honorary, scientific and independent expert body that advises the BfR on potential hazards that can occur due to biological agents.

Tasks of the BfR Committee

The task of this committee is to advise the BfR on the identification of hazards resulting from foodborne infections and intoxications. One particular focal point concerns questions on the occurrence and assessment of disease pathogens and their toxins along the food chain. Among other things, the committee considers the influence of different production and treatment methods, the behaviour of agents in different matrices, and suitable cleaning and disinfection techniques. In addition, this committee concerns itself with questions relating to the hygiene condition of food and feed as well as consumer products. Moreover, the committee supports the BfR in the identification of research needs in the aforementioned areas.

Members of the BfR Committee

Experts from universities, regional Land investigation offices, federal research agencies, the German Armed Forces and industry were appointed as members of the BfR Committee for Biological Hazards and Hygiene.

*In 2018 the BfR Committee for Biological Hazards and the BfR Committee for Hygiene merged to the BfR Committee for Biological Hazards and Hygiene



BfR Administrator
Dr. Anja Buschulte


Our Mission Statement

"Science to serve humanity" is the guiding principle of BfR.

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