BfR Committee for Hygiene*

The work of the BfR Committee for Hygiene involves the entire food production and processing chain, starting with primary production down to the end user (“farm-to-fork” concept). In accordance with the international recommendations of Codex Alimentarius, the Committee elaborates and evaluates preventive health measures based on scientific risk assessment.

Tasks of the BfR Committee

The BfR Committee for Hygiene advises BfR on the assessment of the hygiene aspects of food, consumer products, cosmetics and feed as well as on the assessment of detergent agents, disinfectants, food technology processes and their impact on spoilage microorganisms and pathogens. The Committee is involved as a national expert panel in establishing a “priority list” of current microbial risks.

Members of the BfR Committee

Experts from universities, Land control bodies, the Federal Ministry of Defence and  industry were appointed as members of the BfR Committee for Hygiene.

* In 2018 the BfR Committee for Biological Hazards and the BfR Committee for Hygiene merged to the BfR Committee for Biological Hazards and Hygiene.


Das Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung

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