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BfR2GO, Issue 2/2020, Key Topic: Vegan diet

Release date 15.12.2020


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Main topic: vegan diet page 8
953.0 KB
Interview with Dr. Mark Lohmann "Vegans have a conscious approach to their diet" page 12
255.2 KB
Have we got used to the coronavirus? - The BfR-Corona-Monitor page 14
365.4 KB
Interview with Professor Dr. Gerd Gigerenzer "Fear is a poor basis for decision making" page 16
336.5 KB
Something is wrong here - experts about food adulteration page 19
404.8 KB
Guest article Dr. Fabianna Zollo "Echo chambers and polarisation" page 20
321.2 KB
Food authenticity: It looks genuine but it's not page 22
266.6 KB
EFFORT-project about the spread of resistant bacteria page 24
175.5 KB
Spectrum: Food safety page 25
158.7 KB
Food production: hygiene can be tricky page 26
361.9 KB
Bye-bye, plastic straws: alternative materials page 28
355.7 KB
Interview with Dr. Johanna Kaltenhäuser: "Pesticide assessment: not all studies are usable" page 32
250.3 KB
Watch out for the apple! Plant protection product residues under the microscope page 34
312.9 KB
Aluminium intake: Our daily mix of aluminium page 37
172.2 KB
Revealing bubbles - cell test for hormonal effects of substances page 38
620.8 KB
Tinkering mice - intelligence research of laboratory animals page 42
225.4 KB
Inside the institute page 44
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