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BfR2GO, Issue 2/2018, Key Topic: Heat-induced contaminants

Release date 16.11.2018


Title E-Paper PDF
Key Topic: Heat-induced contaminants page 6
1.8 MB
Contaminants from consumers` perspective page 14
459.9 KB
Infographic on tattoos page 16
589.0 KB
Interview with Professor Dr. Michael Siegrist page 18
299.2 KB
Breastfeeding in public page 20
830.6 KB
Caffeine in food page 22
548.5 KB
Spectrum: Food Safety page 27
167.3 KB
Social and contact pattern in the barn page 28
239.6 KB
Interview with Dr. Bernhard Url, EFSA page 30
245.5 KB
Mineral oil in cosmetics page 32
707.6 KB
Spectrum: Safety of products and chemicals page 36
198.5 KB
Mail from Teheran page 37
229.5 KB
High-resolution microscopy page 38
657.9 KB
Infographic on the authorisation of animal experiments page 42
254.4 KB
Research funding programme of the Bf3R page 43
55.8 KB
Inside the institute page 44
221.6 KB


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