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BfR2GO, Issue 1/2023, Main Topic: Animal feed

Release date 23.06.2023


Title E-Paper PDF
In focus: hemp tea page 4
832.0 KB
"From the trough to the plate" - Main topic animal feed page 8
831.0 KB
"A single ingredient can spoil feed throughout Europe" - Interview with Professor Dr Dr Andreas Hensel page 14
448.5 KB
Spectrum page 16
471.9 KB
"Food on six legs" - Insects in food page 18
1.3 MB
"Raw food" - Things to look out for when eating raw food page 22
655.4 KB
"Vitamin C" - A profile of the substance page 26
855.7 KB
"In good faith" - Controversy page 28
536.8 KB
"Worth the risk?" - BfR assessment on nicotine pouches page 32
520.4 KB
"Sperm in a hormonal low" - Endocrine disruptors page 36
614.4 KB
"Period Panties" - Menstruation underwear under scrutiny page 39
122.9 KB
"When substances migrate" - Using packaging safely page 40
434.9 KB
"Even the surplus animals count" - Methods for fewer laboratory animals page 42
1.2 MB
Inside the institute page 46
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