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BfR2GO, Issue 1/2019, Key Topic: Antimicrobial-resistant pathogens

Release date 28.06.2019


Title E-Paper PDF
Key topic: Antimicrobial-resistant pathogens page 6
987.4 KB
Science in the age of fake news page 14
623.6 KB
Interview with Volker Stollorz page 18
325.3 KB
Infographic risk perception kitchen hygiene page 20
652.3 KB
Hemp feed page 22
393.9 KB
Digital tracing page 24
273.9 KB
The BfR takes a peek into cooking pots page 26
185.2 KB
Spectrum: food safety page 27
194.8 KB
Aluminium: the nano clue page 28
329.1 KB
Tabacco heating systems page 30
284.1 KB
Permeable protective barrier page 32
453.6 KB
Interview with Georg F. Backhaus page 35
134.4 KB
Spectrum: safety of products and chemicals page 36
166.5 KB
National poisoning registry page 37
176.0 KB
Behavioural resaearch in laboratory animals page 38
467.4 KB
Spectrum: protection of laboratory animals page 42
195.2 KB
National committee for the protection of animals page 43
176.2 KB
Inside the institute page 44
288.9 KB


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