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BfR2GO, Issue 1/2017, Key Topic Food Authenticity

Release date 19.10.2017


Title E-Paper PDF
Key Topic: Food authenticity page 6
1.1 MB
BfR Consumer monitor page 14
895.3 KB
Survey on veganism page 17
169.1 KB
Infographic on insects page 18
534.9 KB
Pyrrolizidine alkaloids in food page 20
718.7 KB
Mail from Zambia page 24
275.2 KB
Spectrum Food safety page 25
178.6 KB
Interview Prof. Dr. Annemarie Käsbohrer page 26
421.1 KB
Multiple residues page 30
458.3 KB
Spectrum Safety of products and chemicals page 35
192.8 KB
Nanoparticles in functional clothing page 36
392.9 KB
Genome data comparisons of humans and animals page 38
764.4 KB
Spectrum Protection of laboratory animals page 43
221.7 KB
Inside the Institute page 44
374.3 KB


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