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Enjoying food safely and sustainably - The BfR at International Green Week 2020

(17.01.2020 - 26.01.2020)

Within the theme of "Enjoying food safely and sustainably", consumers will receive tips and infor-mation on handling food and food contact materials in a safe and sustainable manner in their every-day lives.

The BfR stand, with interactive kitchen, cooking show with BfR scientists, and live graphic recording, will provide current and relevant information on the following topics:

  • Keep and store: Find out how you should be storing meat, cereals, fruit or vegetables to keep them fresh for as long as possible and to keep them from spoiling.
  • Sustainability and safety of packaging and containers: What sustainable food packaging is there? Get to know which materials pose a health risk and what alternatives are available.
  • Preserve and use sensibly: In Germany, around 11 million tonnes of food end up in the bin every year. There is no need for this, since vegetables, fruit, bread and meat can be pre-served using some simple techniques.
  • Be aware of food shelf life and edibility: Which foods must be disposed of if there is mould? How do you know that food is fresh and what is the difference between a “best before” date (BB) and a use-by date?

Children can go exploring using magic glasses and find out how and where certain food should be stored. Visitors can also test their newly acquired knowledge on the sustainability carousel.


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