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BfR-Science Slam - Science explained intelligibly


On 31st May, 2012 at 8 p.m. a BfR Science Slam will take place in the ruin of the Berlin Medical Historical Museum of the Charité in Berlin-Mitte for the first time. Enthusiasm for research will be shared here with a broader audience. Anything is allowed: Films, pictures, objects - but above all entertaining presentation. At the same time this is all a great advert for mad science! What counts is to win over the audience because they will select the best slammer! Scientific topics or research projects will be conveyed in an entertaining, popular scientific manner. The event will be hosted by Dr. Mark Bennecke.

The number of places is limited. The entry price is €3 and is to be paid at box office on the evening of the event.

Event location: Berlin, Ruin of the Berlin Medical Historical Museum of the Charité.

Information on other Science Slam events in Berlin can be found here: und



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The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment 10 Year Anniversary 2012 3.6 MB


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Explaining? Communicating? Slamming!


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