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Skin enrichment of nickel-specific T cell clonotypes in allergic contact dermatitis (Hautbiopsien)


Funding programme / funding institution: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft e.V. (DFG) Bonn - Deutschland

Grant number: 500312706

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Project description:

Nickel allergy - new ideas for understanding, diagnosis and risk assessment.

Nickel allergies cause skin eczema. However, it is often not known whether nickel is the relevant allergen or whether it is another substance. To better understand the disease, nickel-reactive T cells directly in inflamed skin are studied . A blood test and the analysis of a small skin sample is combined. From blood, nickel-specific and control cells are isolated and their unique receptors are sequenced. The goal is to demonstrate that nickel-specific but not control cells are enriched in inflamed skin, confirming nickel as an eczema trigger. This modern precision approach could be applied in the future to other skin eczemas of unclear origin and in the development of T-cell-based in vitro assays.

Project partners

  • Klinik für Dermatologie und Venerologie (Vivantes Klinikum Neukölln)




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