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Selected questions and answers about barbecuing

Updated BfR FAQs of 5 August 2016

Apart from fine weather, a barbecue is all about a delicious selection of meats, fish, salads, sauces, dips and desserts. Consumers frequently ignore the health risks associated with barbecues, however. It is common knowledge that harmful substances which consumers ingest from meat and fish can form during grilling. The speed at which sensitive foods, such as barbecue sauces or egg-based desserts, can go bad at summer temperatures is also underestimated. Last but not least, liquid grill lighters and lamp oils in garden torches are a hazard, too. There have been repeated incidences of poisoning because children have sipped the dangerous liquids they contain. To ensure that nothing puts a damper on the fun of barbecuing, the BfR has compiled some frequently asked questions and answers on the correct handling of foods, liquid grill lighters and lamp oils.



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