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Risk characterisation of ciguatera food poisoning in Europe to determine the incidence and epidemiological characteristics of ciguatera cases in Europe (EuroCigua)


This third-party funded project is conducted in the framework of the BfR research programme on detection of contaminants and  assessment of chemical risks.

EFSA grant number: GP/EFSA/AFSCO/2015/03

Project homepage:

Project description:

EuroCigua Project, the first one of these characteristics, is implemented through a Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA) and Specific Agreements (SA), and is co-funded by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

The project is scheduled to run for 4 years and the main objectives are to determine the incidence of ciguatera in Europe and the epidemiological characteristics of cases, to assess the presence of ciguatoxin in food and the environment in Europe, and to develop and validate methods for the detection, quantification and confirmation of the presence of ciguatoxin contaminated specimens.

The project "Risk characterisation of Ciguatera Food Poisoning in the EU" is a good example of scientific collaboration and the sharing of scientific knowledge through a multidisciplinary team of world-renowned experts in the field of ciguatoxins. Scientific excellence, innovation and cooperation are key values of EFSA reflected in this project. All initiatives, synergies and information related to this food-borne disease will be welcomed.

BfR parts of the project:

The project consists of four specific agreements: 1. Management and scientific coordination, 2. Epidemiology, 3. Characterisation of ciguatoxins and 4. Evaluation of ciguatoxins in seafood and environment. The BfR is involved in the specific agreement Epidemiology. The project partners of this agreement are responsible for the establishment of a ciguatera case definition and the identification of data sources for outbreaks and cases of this illness. A surveillance protocol for the ciguatera is designed by the project coordinator according to the data sources information collected from EU Member States. All the information gathered is assessed using statistical analysis software to eventually produce a report on the ciguatera incidence and the epidemiological characteristics, in order to achieve the main goal of the Specific Agreement.

Further information can be found on the homepage of the project.



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Was sind Ciguatoxin-Vergiftungen (Ciguatera)? 2.0 MB


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