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BfR2GO, Issue 2/2019, Key Topic: Microplastic in food - Small parts - big impact?

Release date 19.12.2019


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Key topic: Microplastic in food - Small parts - big impact? page 6
1018.2 KB
Interview with Dr. Holger Sieg: "Nanoplastic will keep us busy for a long time" page 12
292.8 KB
It's all a question of risk - EU-Food-Safety-Barometer page 14
381.1 KB
Interview with Professor Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard: "Fear due to a lack of knowledge" page 16
237.0 KB
Knocked out by CO - Infographic carbon monoxide page 18
206.5 KB
Interview with Professor Reiner Wittkowski: "Science faces a loss of confidence" page 20
290.3 KB
Additives in food: harmless? page 22
654.2 KB
Interview with Professor Maged Younes: "Sweeteners are a controversially debated topic" page 26
161.6 KB
Spectrum: food safety page 27
185.2 KB
Forest, game and parasites - pathogens in game meat page 28
344.5 KB
Up close 24/7: Textiles - health risks by clothing? page 30
313.7 KB
Spectrum: safety of products and chemicals page 33
203.0 KB
There's something in the air - volatile substances in toys & more page 34
328.9 KB
The blue mircale from Bordeaux - copper as plant protection substance page 36
408.2 KB
Insights into the worm - a portrait of the roundworm C. elegans page 38
325.9 KB
Spectrum: protection of laboratory animals page 41
164.8 KB
Better for man and mouse - Animal Study Registry page 42
199.2 KB
Institute life page 44
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