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E-Cigarettes in Test

13/2022, 19.04.2022

The 22nd BfR Consumer Protection Forum "Opportunities & Risks of E-cigarettes" will take place from April 28 to 29, 2022 in Berlin

E-cigarettes have gained in relevance in recent years, and they are mainly marketed as a less harmful alternative to tobacco cigarettes. The underlying principle: the ingredients are vaporised instead of burned. According to our current understanding, health risks are lower than with tobacco cigarettes provided optimal device settings and liquid formulations are used. However, vaping can have negative health effects. "Suitable lung models have been developed at the BfR in order to examine flavourings in e-liquids. Preliminary results show that these are not so harmless and that some even have the potential to cause illness," says BfR President Professor Dr. Dr. Andreas Hensel. Current research results on the health risks of e-cigarettes, usage behaviour and consumer perception, as well as the legal framework, are the subject of the 22nd Consumer Protection Forum "Opportunities & Risks of E-cigarettes" hosted by the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR). "The variety of models and liquids makes assessment of e-cigarettes even more difficult," Hensel continues. "Whether they are less harmful or require caution - the opportunities and risks of the e-cigarette will be investigated further."

Health risks for "vapers" can result from nicotine, smoke simulants, active substances and additives as well as possible impurities. Furthermore, due to the effects of heat, other substances that are hazardous to health can arise. The vapour from e-cigarettes that is inhaled by bystanders can also contain harmful substances. The event organised by the BfR offers national and international figures from science, the legislature and industry a platform to discuss the current state of knowledge on e-cigarettes.

The 22nd BfR Consumer Protection Forum "Opportunities & Risks of E-cigarettes" will take place from April 28 to 29, 2022 at the BfR's offices in Marienfelde. The event will be held in person with a limited number of participants. It is also possible to follow the conference online and submit questions via chat. A simultaneous English/German translation will be available.

Interested parties can register until April 22, 2022 under the following link:

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