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Attractive career paths in German departmental research: BfR presenting itself in the USA together with BAM and UBA to find top researchers

34/2016, 09.09.2016

Federal research institutions to present themselves at international science fair

At the annual convention of the German Academic International Network (GAIN) in Washington D.C. taking place between 9 and 11 September 2016, the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) will, for the first time, present career opportunities in German departmental research together with the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) and the German Environment Agency (UBA). With more than 400 participants, the GAIN annual convention is the largest exhibition outside Europe for scientific careers in Germany. The BfR, BAM and UBA will each be present with their own information booth at the GAIN talent fair and offer a joint workshop on careers in departmental research. "We are very pleased that the BfR is attending the GAIN annual convention again, this year for the first time together with the BAM and UBA", said BfR Vice President Professor Dr. Reiner Wittkowski. "Germany needs highly qualified young scientists to remain competitive and the three German departmental research institutes offer young professionals attractive long-term career prospects."

Departmental research institutions offer practical, problem-focussed and interdisciplinary research at the interface of politics, industry and society. Current issues in society, technology and industry are tackled through national and international networks with universities and other research institutions. This creates attractive and diverse career paths for young scientists.

GAIN is a joint initiative of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the German Academic Exchange Service and the German Research Foundation. The three-day annual convention in the USA offers young German scientists a platform in North America to network with high-level representatives of German science, politics and industry.

About the BfR

The German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) is a scientifically independent institution within the portfolio of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) in Germany. It advises the Federal Government and Federal Laender on questions of food, chemical and product safety. The BfR conducts its own research on topics that are closely linked to its assessment tasks.


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