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01/2005, 14.01.2005

BfR extends e-mail service for subscribers

The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) now offers an additional e-mail service. A new option has been added to the existing “Mail subscription”. In addition to the BfR press releases, subscribers can now also obtain information by e-mail about all new contributions placed on the BfR homepage. This includes the latest opinions on food and chemicals safety.

Every year roughly one million users visit the BfR website in order to find out about the Institute's work on topical themes. The BfR website contains approximately 5,000 documents in which, for instance, the safety of foods, chemicals, commodities and cosmetics is assessed.

BfR tackles important tasks in the field of consumer health protection. It identifies potential risks, assesses them using scientific criteria and actively contributes to their reduction. In order to make this process transparent for the general public, BfR draws on the most diverse media. In this context the Internet plays an increasingly important role. On the BfR website consumers as well as representatives of industry, science, politics and the media can familiarise themselves with the scientific standpoint of BfR on the hazard potential of acrylamide in foods, dioxin residues in feedstuffs, the safety of cosmetic products and many other subjects.

In order to facilitate the access of regular visitors to the website to the Institute's latest opinions and information, BfR has extended its existing “Mail Subscription” service. Besides the opportunity to receive BfR press releases the day they are published by e-mail, the user can now also receive information about new opinions placed on the site. As soon as new contents are available on the Internet, subscribers receive an e-mail with the titles of the new contributions. They can then access any contribution they are interested in with just one “click”.

The form for the “Mail subscription” can be directly and easily accessed via the upper navigation toolbar on the BfR homepage.


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