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Hepatotoxic effects of (tri)azole fungicides in a broad dose range

Organ Toxicity and Mechanisms

The study reports the results of a 28-day rat-feeding study including three widely used hepatotoxic (tri)azole fungicides administered individually at five dose levels, ranging from slightly above the reference values to a clear toxic effect dose. The results show an increase in liver weights and additionally histopathological changes (hepatocellular hypertrophy) for all substances at the top dose levels. No such findings were obtained with any substance at lower doses to which consumers and operators might be exposed to.

The article was published in the Archives of Toxicology.

Hepatotoxic effects of (tri)azole fungicides in a broad dose range
T. Heise, F. Schmidt, C. Knebel, S. Rieke, W. Haider, R. Pfeil, C. Kneuer, L. Niemann, P. Marx-Stoelting

Archives of Toxicology
November 2015, Volume 89, Issue 11, pp 2105–2117 | Cite as




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