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Further development and validation of innovative methods for traceability and authenticity of animal proteins in food and feed (


Funding programme / funding institution: BLE-Deutsche Innovationspartnerschaft Agrar (DIP)

Grant number: 28RZ6IP002 (BLR) 890 080 (Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank)

Project description:

Reliable detection of processed animal protein (PAP) in feed was established in a species- and tissue-selective fashion in a preceding project (ANIMAL-ID, 2016-2019, BMEL FKZ 28165035-14). The combination of innovative immunological tools with mass spectrometry resulted in as yet unrivaled multiplexing in species and tissue determination as well as providing competitive detection limits. These new methods are highly relevant for both food and feed industry. Aim of our project proposed here, is to adapt the sample preparation for the analysis of food matrices and to validate the methods for food and feed analysis according to international standardization requirements (including interlaboratory proficiency tests). Furthermore, a prototype test kit will be developed and tested for its aspired marketability. Project results shall be exploited by supplying standardized, qualitative and quantitative methods for official control as well as offering analytical service products to the meat processing industry. For both regulative application and commercialization, validation as described in our proposal, is crucial.

Project partner:

  • Signatope GmbH




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