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Exposure pathways for lead (BLEI)


This third-party funded project is conducted in the framework of the BfR research on  the detection of contaminants and for the assessment of chemical risks               

Grant number: 3717 62 212 0

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Project description

Studies of the German Umweltbundesamt (UBA) showed a clear decrease of the blood lead content of the German population within the last 26 years. The UBA states a stagnation of the blood lead content of 10 µg Pb/l since 2002. To further reduce this content the entry pathways of lead into the human organism will be investigated in this project. A systematic search for representative primary exposure data for lead from different sources is planned. These data are then checked for their quality and assessed according to scientific methods regarding their reliability for the German population. Regarding the toxicity of lead the background exposure should be further decreased taking into account the identified entry pathways into the human organism. To gain this, data gaps will be identified and measures to minimize the exposure to lead will be shown.




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