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Establishment and validation of analytical methods for the detailed analysis of allergen profiles in foodstuffs and for the individual characterisation of its allergenic effect in patients (Allergen-Pro)


Funding programme / funding institution: Bundesanstalt für Landwirtschaft und Ernährung

Grant number: 281A304A18

Project homepage: -

Project description:

The project ALLERGEN-PRO has the overall goal to develop improved analytical methodologies based on PCR and mass spectrometric tools for the unambiguous identification and quantification of allergenic compounds from insects that are relevant for food production. The developed methods will be used by project partners in their routine analysis and proposed for enforcement purposes by official control laboratories. In addition innovative in vitro tests for the identification of allergen IgE/G epitopes in the insect proteome are developed. Those methods will improve food safety by providing the possibility for patients with allergic cross-reactions to shellfish and house dust mites to test a potential allergy to insects. For the first time a whole blood diagnostic system will be developed that will allow patients without any risk to determine if an allergy has been manifested or if it is just an intolerance without clinical symptoms. The new in vitro diagnostic tool will be used for the detection of clinically relevant allergic reactions in patients allergic against house dust mite using antigen–specific reaction of immune cells. The establishment of such diagnostic tools for different processed allergens in foods will be of benefit for patients to be informed about a clinically relevant food allergy. This research project will also deliver information about the clinical relevance of insect as a potential allergic food product.

Project partners:

  • Signatope GmbH
  • Hot Screen GmbH
  • Nestlé SA Centre de recherches
  • Hochschule Albstadt Sigmaringen (HSAS)
  • Naturwissenschaftliches und Medizinisches Institut an der Universität Tübingen (NMI)
  • Klinik für Pädiatrie m.S. Pneumologie, Immunologie und Intensivmedizin



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BfR Opinion No 044/2020
Food allergy caused by insects? 136.9 KB




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