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Whether it's eggs, nuts, dairy products or substances in clothing or cosmetics - certain foods or everyday products can cause allergies in some people. Allergies represent a major health, social, and economic problem worldwide. They affect the quality of life of a considerable part of the population: Around a quarter of the population in Europe is allergic to at least one chemical. Around four percent of children and adults in Germany suffer from a food allergy, and many young people and adults suffer from allergic reactions of the respiratory or gastrointestinal tract.


Date Title Size
BfR Opinion No 001/2023 (assessment as of 30 November 2020)
Spelt can also trigger allergies - low level of public knowledge about spelt being a type of wheat 348.0 KB
BfR opinion No 015/2020
'VITAL 3.0': New and updated proposals for reference doses of food allergens 250.1 KB
BfR opinion No. 004/2014
Lead, nickel and allergenic scents in candles to be restricted 47.5 KB


Selected publications

Date Title Journal
01.09.2019 Consumer protection and risk assessment: sensitising substances in consumer products Allergo Journal International


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