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EFSA EU-FORA Programme 2022/2023 - Risk Assessment of Food Contact Materials (EFSA EU-FORA Fellowship 2022: BfR FG74 / INYTA-UGR)


Funding programme / funding institution: Europäische Behörde für Lebensmittelsicherheit (EFSA) - Italien

Grant number: GP/EFSA/ENCO/2021/01

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Project description:

The aim of the project is to evaluate the effects that lead to obesity in connection with the substance bisphenol A and analogous compounds. There are several different scientific publications describing such effects. Bisphenol A can be transfered from food contact materials to food. Furthermore, the aim is to have the EU-FORA Fellow contribute to the risk assessment of food contact materials at BfR and to provide him/her with extensive knowledge in this field. The Fellow will be closely involved in the scientific evaluation of dossiers for substances that are transfered from food contact materials into food. These dossiers follow the EFSA note for guidance and are submitted for materials and substances for which there are no harmonised EU regulations. Therefore, the scientific assessment is comparable to the safety assessment of a substance to be used in plastic food contact materials carried out by EFSA. The fellow will gain a deep insight into the risk assessment according to the EFSA guidelines. The fellow will start at the University of Granada with the project to continue the programme at BfR.


  • Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology (INYTA) UNIVERSITY OF GRANADA (INYTA-UGR)

Project partners

  • Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology (INYTA) UNIVERSITY OF GRANADA (INYTA-UGR)




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