AnimAlt ZEBET - database for alternative methods to animal experiments

The database AnimAlt ZEBET includes high quality, scientifically recognised alternatives to standard animal tests in the field of toxicology and pharmacology as well as fundamental research.

The documents in the database are tailored to the special needs of the users and provide topical and scientifically reliable information in English. AnimAlt ZEBET documents exclusively alternative methods which comply with the scientific 3R Principle of Russel and Burch (1959) (Link to ZEBET page on which the Principle is presented). The specialist database is aimed at scientists and staff of authorisation agencies. It supports the search for alternative methods to animal experiments with lower expenditure. The database AnimAlt ZEBET has been available free of charge on the Internet since 2000.

BfR Service: Structured search for alternative methods to animal experiments

Every scientist who plans an animal experiment or applies for an official approval to conduct such an experiment, must clarify the following questions under the German Animal Welfare Act:

  • Are there possibilities to replace the planned animal experiment completely by alternative methods?
  • Is the number of laboratory animals used reduced to the indispensable amount?
  • Are the strains to which the animals are exposed kept as low as possible in accordance with the statutory provisions?

The staff of federal state authorities who review the animal experiment applications must be able to assess whether these questions have been properly answered against the backdrop of the current state of knowledge.

In order to facilitate the search for appropriate alternative methods for scientists and staff of public authorities, the scientists of ZEBET – the Centre for the Documentation and Evaluation of Alternatives to Animal Experiments at BfR – work on the ongoing updating of the AnimAlt ZEBET database.

Consequently, the database facilitates the search for the necessary information on alternative methods for scientists and staff of public authorities in a targeted manner and guarantees that the methods identified comply with the high quality requirements in respect of alternative methods.



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