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Animal experiments can only be authorised, if the applicant has verified that the pursued purpose cannot be achieved using alternative methods or procedures, which do not require use of animals (§ 7a (2) No. 2 of the Animal Welfare Act 2013; Tierschutzgesetz, TierSchG). The BfR has the legal mandate to advise the responsible authorities on matters related to animal testing alternatives since the § 46 of the Regulation on the Welfare of Animals Used in Experiments 2013 (Tierschutz-Versuchstierverordnung, TierSchVersV) came into effect. The BfR also performs the tasks of the National Committee for the Protection of Animals Used for Scientific Purposes in line with § 15a of the Animal Welfare Law. Information on possible alternative methods is required not only to verify the necessity of animal experiments and the use of animals for basic, further and advanced training (e.g. of animal care staff, scientists and veterinarians) but also for the preparation of opinions by the National Committee.

Database researches help to provide information on scientifically recognised alternatives to conventional animal tests in the areas of toxicology, pharmacology and basic research to scientists and staff members of the competent authorities.

A further goal of ZEBET is to assess the level of development of the alternative methods and their acceptance among scientists and authorities. The research work of ZEBET has so far been focused on the establishment of the “AnimAlt-ZEBET” database and the knowledge-based search engine “Go3R”. The ongoing development of the information technologies constantly poses new technical challenges to the further development of research tools identifying alternative methods in compliance with the 3R principle. New research work in this area will significantly improve the research of information on alternative methods.


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