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Educational videos about kitchen hygiene

The three-part BfR video series "Tasty with safety" takes a closer look at hygiene practices in the kitchen and shows a professional chef preparing a simple dish. In doing so, he makes numerous hygiene errors that can lead to foodborne infections. The videos reveal these errors and also demonstrate the basic rules of kitchen hygiene.

"Tasty with safety" can be used in various ways and with different target groups. The video series has been designed to raise awareness and for educational purposes on the topic of kitchen hygiene in private households. The format was developed and published by the BfR to foster understanding of kitchen hygiene and the health risks of poor hygiene. The videos can be shown individually or sequentially. This way, they offer viewers the opportunity to recognise poor and exemplary hygiene practises themselves without assistance.

A closer look at the videos:

  • In Video 1, the chef commits a number of hygiene errors during preparation that can lead to foodborne infections.
  • In Video 2, the chef prepares the same dish again, but this time he follows the basic rules of kitchen hygiene.
  • Video 3 combines these contents: The hygiene errors committed by the chef are addressed one by one and it is shown how they can be avoided. The hygiene errors are highlighted by an acoustic signal (error sound) and explanatory texts are displayed detailing what the viewer should pay attention to.

Three PDF documents are available as supporting materials:

  • a worksheet on which the identified hygiene errors can be noted
  • an answer sheet that lists all hygiene errors committed by the chef and shows how it is done correctly
  • a guide with tips and ideas for using the videos in educational settings

The videos and supporting materials are available for free. In addition to streaming, the videos can be made available for download (contact:


Video 1 (poor kitchen hygiene)


Video 2 (exemplary kitchen hygiene)


Video 3 (combined video with error sound and explanatory texts)

Further information from the BfR about food hygiene can be found at > A-Z Index > Food Hygiene


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