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Outstanding BfR research project no. 5: "The vegan diet trend - opportunity or risk?"

21.11.2022 2:11 Min

The project "The vegan diet trend - opportunity or risk?" comes from our department "Food Safety". Here, the health benefits and risks of a plant-based diet are investigated. In 2017, we conducted the RBVD (Risks and Benefits of a Vegan Diet) study, in which we thoroughly examined participants and documented their dietary habits. The result: The hypotheses we had made in advance were confirmed, in some cases clearly so. For example, vegans had significantly lower blood lipid levels, but had poorer bone health. The COPLANT study will start in 2023 with approximately 6,000 participants. It is the largest study on this topic in the German-speaking world to date and our next big step in exploring how health and plant-based nutrition are related.

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