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Location Jungfernheide

Max-Dohrn-Str. 8-10
10589 Berlin
Tel.: +49-30-18412-0

The location Jungfernheide is situated in the north-western part of the Ringbahn orbital railway, not far from Charlottenburg Castle. The main entrance is in Building A3 which can be seen in the lower of the two photos. Please note that you must present your ID or driving licence at the entrance.

Arrival by rail and public transport
Due to the many options and possible disruptions, we recommend that you go to, or the mobile app of your choice to get an up-to-date connection overview, destination stop: "Jungfernheide Bhf (S+U), Berlin" or "Jungfernheide Bhf (Berlin) (S+U)". To reach the institute buildings, take the exit in the direction of Tegeler Weg.

From Berlin-Spandau railway station: direct with the U-Bahn (subway) U7 to Jungfernheide (travel time approximately 5 minutes).

From Zoologischer Garten railway station: direct with the Bus 109 in the direction of Urban Tech Republic to Jungfernheide (travel time approximately 13 minutes).

From the city centre: with the S-Bahn (urban railway) to Westkreuz, change to the Ringbahn S41 and get off at Jungfernheide. Or from station Friedrichstraße with the U-Bahn (subway) U6 in the direction of Alt-Tegel to Wedding, change to the Ringbahn S42 and get off at Jungfernheide (travel time approximately 20 minutes).

From the airport BER (Terminal 1-2): with the Airport Express FEX in the direction of Berlin Hauptbahnhof to S+U Gesundbrunnen, change to the Ringbahn S42 and get off at Junfernheide (travel time approximately 50 minutes).

From the airport BER (Terminal 5): with the S-Bahn (urban railway) S9 to Treptower Park, change to the Ringbahn S42 and get off at Jungfernheide (travel time approximately 60 minutes).

Further possibilities at

By car
Motorway A 100: exit "Jakob-Kaiser-Platz"; A 111 (from the north): exit "Heckerdamm"; from the city centre via Ernst-Reuter-Platz, Otto-Suhr-Allee, Tegeler Weg. Public parking is usually only available in the surrounding streets. Please use a navigation system if possible.

We recommend traveling by public transport.


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