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Hormones and Endocrine Disruptors

15.09.2022 03:41 Min

Every day, consumers are exposed to a variety of substances, some of which can have undesirable effects on our health. These also include substances that disrupt the body's own hormone system (endocrine system) and can thus cause harmful effects on health. These are called endocrine disruptors or endocrine active substances.

Endocrine active substances can be found in all aspects of daily life, whether from natural or synthetic sources. Some of them are considered harmful to health and thus endocrine disruptors. Depending on their potential harmful effect on health, the substances are regulated, e.g. their use is restricted or banned.

Dr. Tewes Tralau is a toxicologist and heads the department "Pesticide Safety" at the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR). In this video he explains what hormones and endocrine disruptors do, how we are protected from endocrine disruptors and where there are currently still gaps in knowledge and regulation.

In addition, BfR also participates with its research and assessment in ensuring that endocrine disruptors are regulated at EU level - in general as well as in the areas of plant protection products, biocidal products, chemicals, toys, food contact materials and cosmetic products. Our goal: to continuously improve consumer protection.

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