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Environmental Policy

One of the main goals of the BfR since 2018 was the certifiability of real estate within the scope of environmental management according to the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) standard. Obtaining the certificate is based, among other things, on the environmental assessment. This collects data on a property's energy and environmental situation. However, continuous improvements to the environmental performance of the BfR requires a commitment to environmentally friendly work and behaviour. This commitment is expressed in the environmental policy - also known as the environmental statement. The environmental policy is one of the first milestones on the way to obtaining the EMAS certificate.

Grafik zur Umweltpolitik des BfR


The BfR and its Environmental Management System

Under the coalition agreement of the federal government of 2013, it was agreed to adopt a climate protection plan for 2050, intended to enable the implementation of the long-term climate protection goals. Germany committed itself to these goals with the ratification of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. We take this obligation seriously and see ourselves as a pioneer within our sector when it comes to environmental behaviour.

Our Commitment to the Environment

By introducing the environmental management system according to EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme), we intend to intensify our contribution to environmental protection and commit ourselves to continuously improve our environmental performance, to avoid and reduce environmental pollution, and to comply with the applicable environmental requirements. By publishing our environmental goals and our environmental statement, we intend to create the necessary transparency and awareness for this.

Our Contribution to Climate Neutrality

On this basis, we've decided to make our activities as climate-neutral as possible. We endeavour to compensate for CO2 emissions through climate-friendly travel and energy savings, as well as procurement and disposal processes that are largely climate-neutral and ecologically sound. Sustainability and resource conservation will become a fixed component of planning.

Our Mission

We intend to achieve this on the basis of the economic and legal requirements in all states in which we operate by implementing optimal process design and environmentally friendly technology. In this sense, we’re helping to promote environmental awareness among all of our colleagues and suppliers as well as all those we come into contact with, we involve them in our activities and also safeguard our binding obligations towards interested parties.

Transparency of Our Work

We regularly check the efficiency of our measures and the achievement of our environmental goals through internal and external environmental audits.

Our Responsibility

Our environmental policy aims at the continuous refinement and further development of our environmental performance and is the contribution and expression of our responsibility to protect the environment and life, and also entirely in line with our mission to protect human health.

Professor Dr. Dr. Andreas Hensel              Professorin Dr.Tanja Schwerdtle


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