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EFSA European Food Risk Assessment Fellowship (EU-FORA)


This third-party funded project is conducted in the framework of scientific cooperation.

EFSA grant number: GP/EFSA/AFSCO/2016/02

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Project description:

EFSA’s European Food Risk Assessment Fellowship programme (EU-FORA) aims at attracting and motivating young to mid-career scientists to become risk assessor and intensifying exchange and cooperation among national food safety agencies and EFSA. EU-FORA contributes to harmonising food risk assessment practices across Europe and addresses mid-career scientists from EU national risk assessment authorities or any other Article 36 organisation ( The programme offers motivated candidates to increase their knowledge and gives hands-on experience in food safety risk assessment. The programme’s principal focus is on chemical and microbiological risk assessment.

For a 12-month period of ‘learning-by-doing’ the fellows are placed in another European food safety risk assessment organisation (an Article 36 organisation) outside their home country. At the hosting sites, the fellows are fully integrated, participate in the organisation’s work, gain first-hand experience, and increase their knowledge of many scientific aspects relevant to food safety risk assessment.

Besides the practical work in a specific scientific project, the fellows get theoretical knowledge during different trainings including a theoretical induction training of three weeks in Parma, followed by three weeks of different modules within the one year period in Vienna, Berlin, Athens:

Module 1, Vienna

Animal Health and Welfare, GMO, Plant Health, Nutrition, Regulated Products, Environmental Risk Assessment

Module 2, Berlin

Risk communication and crisis response

Module 3, Athens

Emerging Risks, Nanotechnology, Risk Ranking, Adverse Outcome Pathway (AOP) and Mode of Action (MoA) and the IATA approach, Applications of OMICs in risk assessments




BfR activities within the EU-FORA programme:

  • Member of the EU-FORA programme committee
  • Member of a consortium to run module 2 on risk communication and crisis response

EFSA’s fellowship initiative contributes to building the EU’s scientific assessment capacity and knowledge community and is planned to be further continued.


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EU-FORA - The EUropean FOod Risk Assessment Fellowship Programme


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