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Department Exposure

At the BfR, the Department Exposure is responsible for the methodological standardisation and performance of exposure assessments in the field of food and product safety as well as in implementation of the REACH Regulation. In the area of poison and product documentation and in close cooperation with the eight German poison information centres, the Department draws on population-based information sources for the identification and assessment of particularly acute toxicological risks and provides the poison information centres with product information for their emergency advisory services.

The Department supports evidence-based assessments of consumer health risks in the areas of epidemiology, statistics and mathematical modelling. It also responsible for legally required scientific assessments for the transport of dangerous goods and advises the Central Command for Maritime Emergencies. The Department represents Germany on issues of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and handles in-house quality management. It also performs all central tasks relating to information technology and telecommunication.

The Department houses the following Units:

Some of the services provided by the Department Exposure are also available to external scientists, such as:

  • Poison Documentation and Assessment Centre
  • GLP Federal Bureau
  • Exposure assessments and exposure standardisation
  • Consumption and concentration data compiled through cooperation with other bodies


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