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Contacts for GLP

Prof. Dr. Matthias Greiner & Dr. Cornelia Hunke
(Temporary Heads)
Tel.: +49 30-18412-23601

Dr. Wolf Burchard Bulling
Tel.: +49 30-18412-23600

Dr. Christian Strüh
Tel.: +49 30-18412-23603

Dr. Jenny Henke
Tel.: +49 30-18412-23606

Gabriele Bründl
Tel.: +49-30-18412-23601

Fax: +49 30-18412-99099


Postal address:
German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment
GLP Federal Bureau
Max-Dohrn-Str. 8-10
D - 10589 Berlin

PO Box 12 69 42
D - 10609 Berlin

On the level of the federal Länder the Länder authorities are responsible for monitoring compliance with the Principles of GLP and the granting of a GLP Certificate according to § 19b para 1 Chemicals Act.


Other documents

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GLP Monitoring Authorities in Germany 314.6 KB


BfR reports to the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL)


GLP Federal Bureau

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"Science to serve humanity" is the guiding principle of BfR.

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