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Call for Expressions of Interest for Membership of the BfR Committee for Tattoo Inks 2023 - 2025

This call is aimed at scientists who are interested in participating in the BfR Committee for Tattoo Inks of the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR).

The work of the BfR for consumer health protection is characterised by its scientific, research-based approach. The BfR is an institution within the portfolio of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL).

The primary task of the BfR is to provide independent risk assessment of food and feed, chemicals, consumer goods and other consumer products for policy advice and scientific administration, taking into account the state of the art in science and technology. The BfR prepares scientific opinions and guidelines and consults not only for authorities but also other interested groups (e.g. from within science, industry, associations or other non-governmental organisations). The BfR maintains independence in its scientific assessments.

Task of the BfR committees

The results of the deliberations of the committees' work are solely for guidance purposes. The BfR committees do not prepare their own risk assessments and do not participate in the BfR's risk assessments. Together with the BfR, the committees bundle the expertise available in Germany at the highest possible scientific level. With their scientific expertise, they also provide the institute with advice in the event of a crisis as a network of experts. A total of 13 BfR committees currently support the BfR in its work.

Task of the BfR Committee for Tattoo Inks

The task of the BfR Committee for Tattoo Inks is to provide expert advice to the BfR in its tasks regarding the safety of tattoo inks and permanent make-up.

The BfR Committee for Tattoo Inks comprises experts from various fields, notably in analytics, technology, toxicology, and medicine. It advises the BfR on matters regarding the composition of tattoo inks, their analysis and the manufacturing processes. Moreover, it gives the BfR advice on matters regarding the toxicological analysis of tattoo ink pigments. To do this, it evaluates the suitability of testing guidelines and provides advice on the need for the further and new development of test guidelines.

The Committee will provide the BfR with scientific expertise regarding further measures required for a comprehensive assessment of the health risks posed by tattoo inks, with the objective of reducing risks to human health in line with the latest technology.

Interested scientists can apply by 14 August 2022.

Selection of committee members

The BfR committee will include at least ten external and independent experts who are distinguished by their scientific expertise in their respective field. The experts must have a university degree and sufficient professional experience in a relevant scientific field. In order to secure the future viability of the BfR committees in the long term, young scientists in particular are given greater consideration. Membership in BfR committees is a personal and non-transferable honorary position. The selection is made by an independent panel of experts.

You can find more information about the committees' work here.

Information on the rules of procedure of BfR committees can be found here PDF-File (2.2 MB).

Please note that the committee meetings will be held in English only. Please only apply if you have the necessary language skills.

Access to the application documents here:

    Application documents    


If you have any questions or problems with your application, please send an email to


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