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Anja Beterams - How do we make chicken as a food safer? (3rd BfR-Science Slam)

12.01.2023 1:02 Min

"How do we make chicken as a food safer?” - this is what Anja Beterams deals with. She made the audience laugh with her talk, peppered with anecdotes from her childhood and funny photos, which did not spare her colleagues either. In Anja Beterams' talk, you can find out what the journey of a broiler looks like and how long these animals live.

5 slammers, 2 presenters, 350 visitors: Whether bacteria in flour, dioxins in cows or fish poisoning - the topics were exciting and the slammers made the audience laugh. The event was moderated by the forensic biologist and author Dr Mark Benecke with the support of Professor Dr Dr Andreas Luch, Head of the BfR's Department of Chemicals and Product Safety.

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