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Software to risk modeling and automated reporting: rrisk & shiny rrisk

Rrisk and shiny rrisk are a software and web application to create and document quantitative risk models. BfR is developing the applications.

The apps are aimed at scientists, who perform quantitative risk assessments. The tools thus serve the risk management for which the health risk assessment are created.

The software rrisk is using the programming language and environment R, which is predestined for statistical and data analysis.

The web application shiny rrisk provides an easy to use user interface to rrisk as a web application. Please note the terms of use PDF-File (28.1 KB) (in German).

Features and development goals of rrisk and shiny rrisk

  • Ensure Reproducibility, version control and portability
  • Good practice of complete and consistent model Transparency of the model, as well as automated report generation
  • State-of-art modeling techniques are available through rich and extensible functionality

The software is open source and open for participatory development

Download of rrisk and shiny rrisk

The software and its documentation are available here: BfRstats

Accessing shiny rrisk

The web application shiny rrisk is available at


Questions and user feedback are welcome (


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