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PFAA and Precursors Soil Plant Contamination (PROSPeCT)


This third-party funded project is conducted in the framework of the BfR research programme on  the detection of contaminants and for the assessment of chemical risks.

Support programme of Baden-Württemberg: BWPLUS


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Project description

The objective of the project PROSPeCT is the development of scientific basics for the behavior of per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) in the soil - plant pathway, which are needed for the development of methods and tools for the fact investigation as well as for taking appropriate actions to remediate existing PFAS contaminations of soils in Rastatt / Baden-Baden and Mannheim. On the basis of own investigations to the transformation and transfer of selected precursors and PFAAs in well characterized soils and maize as model plant a simulation model is developed, which - adapted to the situation in Baden-Wuerttemberg (BW) - can analyze and predict the environmental behavior of PFAS. Transfer factors are identified and proposals for the derivation of evaluation standards (land values) are made, which represent an urgently required instrument for the practical enforcement like the Ministry of Environment, Climate and Energy Economics Baden-Württemberg (UM BW) and its subordinate departments.

The results of the project PROSPeCT should be made available to risk assessors and managers. The aim is to extend the currently used methods / tools for fact investigation and formulation suggestions for remedial, protective and restrictive actions for PFAS-contaminated areas by (I) scientific basics of PFAA precursors, (II) a simulation model on the environmental behavior of PFAS and (III) proposals for PFAS assessment standards in soils based on experimentally collected transfer factors.

Project partners

  • Landesbetrieb Hessisches Landeslabor
  • Fraunhofer Institute für Molekularbiologie und Angewandte Ökologie IME
  • Landwirtschaftliches Technologiezentrum Augustenberg
  • Universität Kassel


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