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Principles of Scientific Practice

To help meet its responsibility in research and the tasks directly linked to the same, the BfR has adopted the following rules and regulations for dealing with cases of scientific misconduct. These are based on the recommendations of the German Research Foundation (DFG).

The recognised guidelines for good scientific practice within the respective specialized disciplines are the binding foundations for scientific tasks within the BfR. The commitments to good scientific practice are intended to help assure the quality of BfR´s scientific work and prevent scientific misconduct.

The BfR has appointed ombudspersons who can be approached at any time.


Stephan Madle
Head of Unit "Strategies for Toxicological Assessments"
Toxicologist, employed at BfR since 1982 (or the predecessor authorities BgVV and BGA), 6 years representative of the staff council

Thorsten Buhrke
Unit "Effect-based Analytics and Toxicolgenomics"
Chemist, employed at BfR since 2008, active in research since 15 years



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